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Welcome or, as we say down here, ¡Bienvenidos!

Here at Trinitymac, there is no doubt in our hearts that God has called us to daily alter people’s lives forever here in McAllen and the world by living our lives in such a way that people feel welcomed, accepted, and loved. We are striving to be the Church where we are unafraid to take risks in the matters of faith and life. Our vision is to offer Christ to the unchurched & disconnected as we love God, love each other, and serve all. We are a “community in conversation;” simply meaning we are not done yet.  We have yet to arrive at our final destination.

Our current goal is simple.  We want to build a dialogue between God and the people of the McAllen community.  By learning and following the teachings of Jesus Christ, we believe people find a whole new way of life that is both freeing and full of love. Together, we are trying to re-think church not in terms of what it is now, but what church could be...

   Important update on change of pastor

Each year before annual conference the Bishop's cabinet assigns pastors to their new locations.  This year due to many pastor retirements, they ran out of pastors to assign before they got to us and some other churches as well.  The result is that Trinity is currently "unassigned."  Over the next month or so, the District Superintendent and the leadership team here will start a process that assesses the finances, mission etc. of this church and then the conference will determine the viability of this congregation. 

So as we go forward through this process, we ask for your support and your patience, but most of all for your prayers that God's will be done in this place.  In the short term we will fill the pulpit with lay speakers, and there will be ordained pastors that will come and preside over communion for us.  We are asking that you stand with us through your prayers and support during this time.

mportant Update About Change Of Pastor: